With reference to EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification Technical Framework

Payment Tokenization is important to provide protection from card cloning, account misuse related fraud, cross channel fraud for card present and card not present transactions.

Payment Tokens are surrogate values that replace Primary Account Number (PAN) in payment ecosystem. Payments Tokens can be issued with usage control to be used in a specific use case and for a specific time validity.

Payment Tokens can used with all Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs) including signature, online and offline PIN and no CVM.

With reference to Android Host Card Emulation

Android 4.4 introduces an additional method of card emulation. This is called host-based card emulation and it does not involve a secure element. This allows any Android application to emulate a card by talking directly to the NFC reader.

When an NFC card is emulated using host-based card emulation, the data is routed to the host CPU on which Android applications are running directly, instead of routing the NFC protocol frames to a secure element.

AISCES provides complete solution for Tokenisation and Host Card Emulation.

This includes a Token Vault for Tokenisation and Android Application for Host Card Emulation

AISCES HCE Android Application supports

  • Mastercard Paypass Contactless
  • Visa Paywave Contactless

    AISCES Token Vault supports

  • Card Personalization
  • Token Request and Issuance
  • De-tokenisation
  • Chargeback API
  • Token Lifecycle Management