• Companies can protect their brands from fake and counterfeit goods.

  • Consumers can confirm before buying if the product is of authentic brand or fake.

  • CHEQBRAND cannot be copied/cloned and CHEQBRAND is temper proof.

  • CHEQBRAND can protect brands through track and trace, supply chain serialisation.

      How to protect my brand from Fake, Duplicates and Counterfeits ?

    Counterfeiter create and sell fake Products in your brand name. It is extremely important for brands to protect their brand from duplicate, counterfeit and fake goods. Brands can use Anti-Fake technology and Anti-Counterfeit technology to detect authentic and fake goods. This involves an anti-fake tag to be placed on product and an anti-fake detector apparatus which can check authenticity of the tag. CHEQBRAND is Anti-Fake and Anti-Counterfeit technology product which provides anti-fake tag and tag detector android application.

      What is CHEQBRAND ?

    CHEQBRAND is a product to protect brands from duplicates and to protect brands from fakes. CHEQBRAND is anti-fake technology and it helps you combat counterfieting and fight fake products. CHEQBRAND helps you detect counterfeiting and piracy against your brand.

    CHEQBRAND includes counterfeit detector android application and tags for anti-counterfeiting.

    CHEQBRAND product consists of
    – CHEQBRAND Tags are hardware protected stickers with encrypted secure data and bank grade security
    – CHEQBRAND Android App which acts as a counterfeit detector and can detect authenticity of CHEQBRAND tags.

    CHEQBRAND tags can be placed on or inside product package and the product can be verified with the CHEQBRAND android application.

    Apply CHEQBRAND for your brand to prevent fake products and beat the counterfeiters.

      CHEQBRAND better than Hologram stickers

    Alternatives real hologram security labels, hologram technology, 3d hologram technology need to be placed outside the packaging box.

    CHEQBRAND can be placed inside the box and this provides temper proof brand protection technology.

      How to use CHEQBRAND for my product ?

  • Step 1

    Register your Brand with us. The registration is free. Just email at

  • Step 2

    Buy CHEQBRAND Tags for your Brand.

  • Step 3

    Place CHEQBRAND Tags on your products.

  • Step 4

    Inform your consumers to verify your product with CHEQBRAND Android Application before they buy.

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      Download CHEQBRAND Android Application


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